My First Interview With My Parents Essay

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Growing up with our parents always wanting to know everything that we are up too, we all wish that we could be 18 years-old already. In the U.S. turning 18 years-old, we are all adults and we can make our own choices, we have gained our freedom from our parents and in between we go through different milestone so that we can almost reach our independence. Like I mention before we all go through different milestones to reach our independence. I conducted two interviews and asked them several questions about their independence and still developing.
My first interview was with T, and I asked her how she gained her independence from her parents and she mention that she barely has a relationship with her parents, one because her mother lives in a different country and two because her father and her don’t have the best relationship, they argue and bicker a lot, so she made the decision to move out of her dads house and she was only 19 years old. According to our text books it is very common that parents and their child bicker now and then, which means- “repeated, petty arguments (more nagging than fighting) about routine, day-to-day concerns such as cleanliness, clothes, chores, and schedules” (10.2.1). T also mentioned the way her dad would never really ask her how school was going, or if she had any plans after high school, her dad wasn’t always around to parent her, only when she would ask to go out and he would not let her; His parenting style was more under the uninvolved…

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