Essay about My Family : My Dad

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On September 5th 1997 my whole families found out the world they once new was going to change. That afternoon my grandmother cheri and my mommy katie were in the house and gregory , crystal and my grandfather greg were out doing chores. my grandmother had a dream that her oldest daughter katie was pregnant, she thought it was just a dream, but when she did decide to ask my mommy katie busted out into tears and said mom i think i am pregnant. Finding out this news my grandmother made my mommy katie a doctors appointment that same day, to only find out that she was actally nine months pregnant . I was born a few short weeks lter on September 25th 1997. i was a healthy little baby but my life was not perfect even as a baby. My real father did not have much to do with me and his mother told my mommy katie that she had ruined her sons life forever and he would never be able to achieve anything because of me. My mommy ktie wanted to prove everyone wrong and raide her daughter all by herself. Over the next year my life was normal. My mommy katie went to collage, worked a job and took care of me. The weekend before my mommy katie was killed her and her best friend Erin White had my first birthday party with family and all her friends from high school that were all home for a break from collage. I am so glad that i got to experienve at least one birthday with her. on September 11th 1998 my whole families life was turned upside down. That evening my mommy katie was going to town to…

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