Essay about My Experience With Writing And Writing

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It has taken me a long time to realize how important is to know how I learn best. If you know what style of teaching you respond to best you can replicate that learning environment for other classes and situations. I feel that my writing has changed because of the writing classes I have taken as well as what types of writing required for different class. I have had different experiences with writing and learning how to write correctly throughout my high school career and earlier years; learning different writing styles from different teachers has undoubtedly effected my quality of writing. Writing has never been my strongest class nor has it been my favorite form of expressing my thoughts. My first experiences with writing were in Language Arts in middle school where I learned the basic elements of a paper and grammar and punctuation. This was also my introduction to formal papers that were written as an unbiased third person. My base of writing was fairly strong but did not completely prepare me for other types of papers and reports I would be writing. Once I started high school the types of papers and reports I was writing required different styles of writing than I was used to. I was introduced to scientific papers as well as papers based on literature we had read and our own interpretations of it. I attended two high school simultaneously, one was a normal high school while the other was for advanced math, science, technology, and engineering classes. I feel…

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