My Experience With Surface Learning Essay

743 Words Apr 11th, 2016 3 Pages
The entire purpose of education is to expand and fill your mind with usable knowledge. Unfortunately, now days it seems like more and more students are resorting to surface learning. I say unfortunately because surface learning really does not provide the student with a true comprehension of what they are learning. In most high schools today, students have a substantial course load. Sometimes students have more than six courses of study at one time. Although this can be done, it really discourages deeper learning patterns throughout their lives. I believe that one of the problems is that they are only measured on their test scores. Instead I believe test should be on how much of the subject they actually comprehend. With limited time to study and pressure to get good grades, these students must resort to a surface learning approach to school. This means that they try to figure out what might be on an upcoming test and lightly skim read, take notes on what seems important and try to memorize what they are reading out of the book. Without actually comprehending what they are supposed to be learning they are losing out on the whole point of being a student. Possibly by covering the idea of a deeper learning method at a younger age, they could greatly increase the quality of their education. Using a deep learning style not only provides you with more knowledge, it provides you with usable knowledge. By taking a deep learning approach you can get so much more out of what you…

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