Essay on My Experience With Self Esteem

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I did not grasp that I was physically bigger than my classmates until they started bullying me. I was in the fifth grade and I had these chunky red Timbaland boots on and it was raining very hard. Suddenly, we heard a crack of thunder and my next door neighbor looked at me and said “Reina, did you take a step?” Ever since then all the kids in school called me Earthquake until the sixth grade. Unfortunately, the same boy and I were in the same class until ninth grade. Every year he bullied me until I was strong enough to stand up for myself. I still have no idea why he decided to bully me out of all the other students in our class, but he has forever shaped my life lens.
I struggled with self-esteem issues, since the beginning of time. In my family, I was the smart one and my sister was the pretty one. I rejected all sense of fashion, mainly because I couldn’t fit anything my pairs were wearing. I was too big. In my eyes, beauty was a thin, chocolate woman who also had curves, long healthy hair, and if she was outstandingly beautiful colored eyes. I only meet one of those criteria, having chocolate skin. But, according to society having dark skin was not beautiful either. So, I was not pretty too anyone but my mother. In the media, both then and today, in order to be beautiful women had to be white, thin, and tall. I definitely did not fit that criteria, in any shape or form.
I do not, nor did I ever, admire any other culture more than my own. Africans, and…

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