Essay about My Experience With My Parents

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I can still hear my parents say “when you grow up you will understand.” I look back on those words and smile. Now I can see all the hard work they put in to raising me. I used to think I would never be like my parents. It is uncanny how much I am like them now. I hear myself saying the exact same things to my son as they said to me. I have learned so much from my parents but there are three things that have truly mad me a better person and a parent it is honesty, a good work ethic, and to always spend time with your family. The first thing my parents taught me was honesty. From a very young age my parents would say to me “it is easier to live with the truth than to live with a lie.” My parents have always been very honest people. To my knowledge they never lied to me, and they expected the same from everyone in our family. When I was about 5 years old I knocked over a bucket of paint and covered it with a sheet. My dad found the mess. He asked me about it and I said “I didn’t do it”. He explained how a person must always tell the truth even if they don’t want to. He said, “It’s easier to live with the truth than to live with a lie”. I remember those words like they were yesterday. Today I have my own family. I don’t lie to them and I expect the same from them. When my son was four I found he colored on the walls. I asked “what happened to the walls? He said “I didn’t do it” I remember what my dad had said and I told my son “you have to always tell the truth even if you…

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