My Experience With Community Service Club Essay

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Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been hungry to learn. I picked up my first chapter book as soon as I possibly could, I constantly wrote stories, and even more often I told them. However, it wasn’t until high school that I truly found who I was as a student. I always enjoyed learning within the walls of my comfortable high school, yet I didn’t know what it was like to venture outside of the classroom and learn in ways that would help me to grow as a student and as a person. Junior year I began to take courses that really challenged me and I became an avid participant in the Interact Club, or community service club. I started putting in many hours every week at the local soup kitchen. This may not have been a traditional class setting, but I learned so much from my experiences there; my trips with the Interact Club inspired me to get the most out of my classes and to be the best version of myself that I could be. Another passion of mine is mentoring— I love helping those who are in need of guidance. Senior year I was a mentor in the Seeds of Independence Navigate Club. My peers and I met with a group of girls who often had difficult home lives and spent an hour every week with them. This may not seem like much time, but it truly made a world of difference for these amazing young women. I learned so much from each and every one of our mentees, and they inspired me everyday to beat the odds and become the person and student that I aspired to be. Another passion of mine is…

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