My Experience With A Preschool Teacher Essay examples

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Ever since I was younger I knew I wanted to work with children. At first I wanted to be a teacher then I came here and realized it would be too hard to get my teaching degree. While attending college, I had a part time job back home which was is at a daycare. Little over a year ago over winter break I got to be in the preschool II classroom and I loved it. Ever since those couple weeks I was in that classroom, I have wanted to be a preschool teacher.

What kind of job do I want in my profession? The kind of job I would like is a preschool teacher. A preschool teacher has a classroom with around 20 students the ages of three years old to five year olds. This is the kind of job I have been wanting for a long time, and hoping I would get a full-time offer. For the past four years I have been part time during the school year and then full time during the summer until I left again to go back to school. This past month they offered me a full time job and I accepted it. The company I will be working for is called Little Lambs Learning Center it is located in Lincoln, Illinois as a full-time teacher. The job description for this job is planning activities, design and follow a classroom schedule, provide basic and caregiving activities, use a wide range of teaching methods, identify behavioral problems and resolve them, work with others in an efficient manner, and keep to date with current standards and requirements in the classroom.

My desire starting salary is nine dollars an…

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