Essay on My Experience With A Preschool Classroom

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This semester, I observed in a preschool classroom. I have learned that patience is a virtue. All the students in my class were four years old. Considering they are at such a young age, my preschoolers need constant reminders, one after the other. Mrs. Lamplugh, their teacher, would tell them to be quiet. Not even five seconds later they are talking again. They are supposed to sit “crisscross-applesauce” on the rug. Give it a few minutes and they will be sitting on their knees or in a different position. Nap time is a time the students either love, or hate. A preschool teacher needs a lot of patience when this hour of the day rolls around. The students will either lay on their mat or fall right to sleep, or they will fidget for the entire hour. As a preschool, you have to be able to bend down, rub their back, and attempt to coax them to sleep. The second you walk away, there is the chance that they will just begin to fidget again, and that is where your patience is prevalent. As a preschool teacher, your day consists of constant reminders and repetition. As an observer of the class, you also need patience as well. Another element that some may consider a challenge, is that fact that you need to put a smile on your face and act enthusiastic for the entirety of the day. As their teacher, they need to see you getting into every aspect of everything. Four year olds have immense amounts of energy. Whether it’s time to play, time to learn, or time to nap, their energy will…

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