My Experience With A Elementary Teacher Essay

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In high school, I took a class and was able to work with a 3rd grade elementary class. The teacher I worked under was an African-American female and I am a multiracial female. In the class I was able to help with lesson plans, grade papers, tutor students, attend the teacher meetings, and go on field trips with the students. The teacher gave different examples of how to handle diversity in the classroom and allowed me to have experience with dealing with some of the issues that arose. It was my first experience in the school system and shaped my desire to become an elementary teacher. I knew that I wanted to make a difference in a life and believed that after seeing my teacher interact with her students, the best way was to start when they are young and help build their foundations for learning. Being a teacher allows me to help shape future generations and make a change in their lives that might not have occurred if they were in a different class. The value of differentiating the lessons for students of different skill levels, the variation of inquiry based learning, and creating an environment that enables the learners to meet high standards are important aspects of teaching.
I am a mother and I take a lot of pride in that and use the skills I gained from being a mother in my daily interactions with the students. A few of the impacts that being a mother has on my interactions with students are characteristics such as being more patient and communicating things simply to…

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