Essay on My Experience Of My Career As A Teacher

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When I think of family, I think of home. However, I don’t think of home in the way that most people do. When most people think of home, they think of a location, a house, and then the people and memories that make that place home. But for me, I only think of the people that always made any place home for me. I grew up a missionary kid where the place I lived never had much importance to me. I have lived in more places and houses than I can keep track of! But no matter where I was, these places always felt like home if my family was there. I know in my career as a teacher, I will come across many students like me. I will meet students who have moved as much as I have and who don’t feel a sense of belonging in any place. If there family is like mine, I can encourage them to make their family their homes. Even if they don’t have that close of a family though, I can still encourage them to make people what is important rather than any place. My family members are definitely my best friends, and they—not any place—are home to me. I grew up with my Dad and Mom, my older brother Robby, my little brother Aaron, and my little sister Brooke. My Dad is basically the coolest person I know. He has just an energy and a love for life—usually the life of the party. He is good at pretty much whatever he does whether that is sports, woodworking, music, languages, or many other areas. He is also just very knowledgeable and wise. He would do Bible study with us kids every night…

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