My Experience At The University Of Miami Campus Essay

1061 Words Dec 8th, 2014 null Page
At 8 P.M., the Gifford Arboretum northwest of the University of Miami campus, is not the most comforting space around. The place is deserted and quiet. It is a botanical garden surrounded by tall trees and accommodated with a lot of open space to relax. It is completely dark, where even the street lamps would make it hard to actually distinguish what lies in the distance. I had been waiting for my friend and the instructor to arrive. The fear of being alone never left me unaccompanied as I felt that even the smallest of insects could devour me, as my long wait for my friends and instructor continued. Tired and exhausted, my mind had stopped functioning. A long list of “things to do” was mocking me and as my work had started piling up, an endless race with deadlines had begun. A sense of tiredness had gained victory over me and I lacked the motivation and energy to get up and finish my routine assignments. I felt like I needed an inspiration, something that could drive me. Trying to relax myself a bit, I closed my eyes believing that I could find something with a little power of concentration when suddenly brightness started to fill my mind: “I am in the light, the light is in me, I am the light”—exactly the same words I was taught to calm myself during my childhood.
Sitting on the lower most steps of a two-storied gray staircase with dark brown small dry leaves spread all around me, I felt like I was finally getting some solace. About four to five boys were dressed in…

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