My Experience At The University Of California Essay

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I am confident that my experiences while a student at the University of California, Davis are what have most prepared me to succeed as a student of law. My curiosity of law and politics began around the age of ten, though at the time, I did not have my sights set on a legal profession. My grandfather told me about how his father was one of the first elected officials of the Indian National Congress, and how he got his start as a political activist and eventual trained to become a barrister. Those stories that made me wonder about what I could do to help change the world were actually about my great-grandfather and his work with Mahatma Gandhi and Vallabhbhai "Sardar" Patel to help establish the Indian National Congress. They made me want to leave an impressionable mark for the betterment of humanity. I know that it is not humbling to say that one is humble, but being able to speak to my elder family members and being able to witness the effects of what my ancestors did in India gave me an overwhelming sense of duty and pride, as well as an unsurmountable amount of respect because they didn’t do what they did for the money or the power, but for righteousness of the act.
When personally difficult events transpire, they tend to illuminate our strengths and weaknesses, and how we get back up when we fall. My grandfather passing away was one such event. I had never dealt with a death of someone close to me before, but before the years end, I will have gone through this…

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