My Experience At The Last Minute Essay

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My practicum experience in this class was quite an interesting one. I didn 't know how it was going to work, but quickly saw it was easy to figure out. I did have a few mishaps because of the way my resource class operate, I often have to change my whole lesson at the last minute. So even though I have written a lesson plan and scripted it out, it is usually geared towards their IEP goals or missing basic skills they need, when I see most of my students not getting something in class I chose to focus on what they need the most so then my lesson doesn 't match my lesson plan. Overall I think the experience was just okay, this is definitely something different for the school to have to observe someone online and it was a learning process and adjustment for all of us. Hopefully everyone will be more prepared in the future to deal with this type of situation.

Reading the book Educating Esme was actually more entertaining than I anticipated. It was very fun and interesting to go through the experience with her. It brought a lot of things to my mind and perspective. I think that she handled her first year at the new school very well, her principal is a good example of a lot of people who try and take advantage and bully people with their authority. It 's unfortunate that she didn 't start to speak up earlier because I think people use their power to get away with what they can once they realize the person is intimidated. Unfortunately, I have heard many stories very…

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