Essay about My Experience At The Colloquium On Monday Night

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My experience at the colloquium on Monday night was not at all what I was expecting, yet it was a truly beneficial experience. Due to the fact that the presenter was stuck in an airport somewhere in Louisiana, we were not able to hear her presentation about the autism spectrum. Because of this, Dr. Rubio, the dean of the education department at Spring Arbor, decided that he would open up the floor for any students who had questions about the testing required by Spring Arbor University’s (SAU) School of Education (SOE) as well as any questions related to student teaching. With that being said, the organization of the room was quite interesting. Dr. Rubio was near the front of the room and all of the attendees were scattered near the back of the room. Since this colloquium was more of a question-answer type “meeting” I did not really play a large role in the “meeting” itself. I did have a few questions, but every time I would get up the nerve to ask the question, another student would ask it, and so I would just sit and wait for the answer. In fact, this happened two more times, but each time the response answered my question perfectly. There was one time; however, during this “meeting” where a girl at my table asked a question to just our table, and I was able to provide an answer that she felt was sufficient enough that she did not find the need to ask it to the whole group. Even though I thought that the way this question and answer “meeting” was set up was a bit strange, I…

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