My Experience At The Boys And Girls Club Essay

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At the Boys and Girls club, I gathered many samples of conversation. It surprised me how mature some of the students seemed whenever I talked to them after the haunted house. One example of this was when I told a group of second or third grade girls that I was laying on the floor in the locker room. The response that I received was “You were not, do you know what is on that floor! People these day laying on the floor that is disgusting!” I could not help but laugh because her response sounded like something that an adult would say. Most of my conversations were about what I was dressed up like and where I was in the haunted house.
Throughout the project I did not encounter as many problems as I thought I would. One of the main challenges was time. When I was planning out what events I was going to participate in, I had to look at my schedule to see which events I could do. I would have loved to work at Caze elementary as a teacher aide or help in the afternoon program, but with my work schedule and classes the times did not work out.
Another challenge I experienced was finding the locations. Since I am not from Evansville I am not familiar where places are. If I did not have the GPS I would have had a stressful experience. I am bad at using maps and I am really bad with directions, even when using a GPS I stress out because the worst thing that could happen in my mind is being late and/ or getting lost. This makes me grateful of the technology that I have because…

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