My Experience At The Big Picture Essay

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When it comes to GRIT, growth is someone’s ability to better themselves. Not being satisfied with your intelligence, or physical abilities. Embrace your lack of knowledge because even if you are an expert at one thing there will always be new concepts or designs. You should communicate or even teach others what you know because they may have a different perspective that you have never thought of before. I scored a 74 on the growth section of my GRIT Gauge which was right on par with the average. To improve my growth I plan on stepping back from areas in my life try to look at the big picture. I want to look not only at weak areas but strong areas as well. Talk to other people and ask how they accomplish a task. Perhaps their approach is better than mine and I can apply that new knowledge to my arsenal. Maybe my approach is better and they can learn from me. Both are equally beneficial.

The second area of GRIT is resilience. I believe that resilience is the skill of someone to positively respond to difficult situations. Someone showing great resilience skills thrives during hard times where others may give up. When faced with a daunting task, people will both slack off and make excuses or they will knuckle down and give it everything they have. I was given an above average score of 80 when it comes to resilience. My belief is that my resilience ability has stemmed from my time in the military. During my service I was put in high adversity situations, but was not given the…

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