Essay on My Experience At Parkside High School

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In exactly 23 days I will be graduating from Salisbury University. It feels surreal to make such a statement and the fact that it is true excites me. I have seen myself grow as a leader, as a teacher and as person. Both of my internship experiences, as different as they were, each prepared me to take on a classroom of my own. My first internship experience at Parkside High School with Mr. Chris Burkhardt was an enjoyable one. When I first began working with Mr. Burkhardt I couldn’t tell if he liked me or if he was simply annoyed by me. At the conclusion of my eight weeks I came to the realization that we both enjoyed working with each other. Mr. Burkhardt made it hard on me from the start. The classes were difficult and the discipline was almost nonexistent. But, Mr. Burkhardt threw me right into everything from attendance to putting the grades into X2. I did it all. I was thankful that he gave me the full experience. He allowed me to see what it is like as a teacher whether it be the administrative tasks or my classroom management. He pushed me in a way that strengthened my teaching ability. He told me what needed to be worked on and I worked on it. He would observe and tell me if he can see the progress and how I can solve my problem. I am grateful and thankful for Mr. Burkhardt and the growth I had under his supervision from January to mid-March and it carried with me to Mardela Middle and High School with Mrs. Germaine Marshall. As I entered my second internship…

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