My Experience At My Recording Essay

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Listening to my recording that I did in the beginning of this course was great to do because it showed me how far I have come in terms of how comfortable I am talking about the privileges that I get. I do not think that I was surprised to hear any of my responses but I could tell how nervous and uncomfortable I was. I think that if I answered the same questions again, my answers should pretty much stay the same but I would be more confident in my answers. While I was listening to my recording, I felt proud to see how far I have come since the beginning of this course. I really tell how the unsureness of my identities has turned into confidence. I learned how hard it used to be for me to admit all of the privileges that I get especially my race. I think that I answered very honestly throughout the recording, mostly because I knew that no one would listen to it. I think that I would not have answered like I did if it would have been posted publicly.
White Racial Identity Development
Using the RID model designed for whites has helped me put it on paper the journey I have taken since the beginning of this course. At the beginning, I think that I was in between the dissonance phase and the resistance and immersion phase. According to D. W. Sue (2006), the dissonance phase is when a white person is forced to deal with inconsistencies that have been compartmentalized or encounters information or experiences at odds with denial. I was literally placed in a class and forced…

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