My Experience At Multnomah University Essay

1128 Words Dec 16th, 2015 null Page
This year being at Multnomah University I really enjoy being in both of your classes. I can remember the first day we met you told me that your class was going to be fun and it was. I know I didn’t really talked in your class a lot this semester at all but I still had fun in it and you thought me a lot of the past few months. This class actually been one of my favorite class at Multnomah. The things I learned in microeconomics I am for sure going to use them in life because they are helpful tips. The most memories I could take away from this class this semester was all the things that we learned any also how you were a cool teacher because some of the teachers that I had this year was too serious, but every time we were in your class you made show we had a good laugh and at the same time we learned. I feel like I can do a lot of things with what I learned in this class. The reason why I took business is because I want to go back to my home country and just open up a little business that can help my family make money. I still have a lot of my family that live in Africa so I feel like opening up a business up there could help them have something to do and at the same time my mom can use that money to help send rest of my sister to school. So that I what I could do with the things I learned from this class. I feel like the content of the course wasn’t really hard at all if you put in the work and pay attention. I like it was really fun to go into class every day and…

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