My Experience At Guajome As A Student Essay

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It is said that if a friendship lasts longer than seven years, it will last a life time. This statement speaks volumes to me as a student at Guajome who has been attending since sixth grade. Throughout my time at Guajome, I have made friends who I can call family. These are people who I have grown with for seven years. With Guajome being a smaller school, I have matured with the students through friendships and class room peers, as well as connecting with my teachers. This allowed a better education environment for me by getting the help I needed and being surrounded by those who are motivated to learn. I have valued the relations with my peers and educational experience at Guajome, which has inspired me as a student to become a responsible, critical thinking, global contributor.
Through my experience here at Guajome, I have grown greatly as an individual. My teachers have guided and encouraged me to do my best. When I was younger, I lived with my mother who was addicted to drugs and alcohol. Living with my mom, we did not have a stable home and sometimes went without food. I hardly went to school, and when I did it was hard for me to concentrate. My education was not valued since my mother did not make it a priority for me to do my homework and to succeed in school. When I was seven, my aunt took guardianship of my younger sister and me. My aunt taught me the importance of my education and to always try my best. I choose to learn from my mother’s mistakes and to create a…

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