My Experience As A Teacher Essay

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This paper contains four questions that I have answered, pertaining to my experience as a tutor and the thought of becoming a teacher. The questions are based on the individual that we have taught and helped. It reflects the way we feel and if we would continue to go on with teaching in the future. Why do you want to become a teacher? Who or what are your influences? What do you hope to accomplish as a teacher? What will be our legacy? All four questions are going to be answered very detailed throughout this paper. I’m going to break each question down as simple as possible, so that you will get a great understanding of where I’m coming from and where I;m going with it.

Help One Teach One How do I want to be remembered? Well, the way I want to go out, of teaching that is, is to have assurance that I have impacted a child’s life in a positive way, that maybe I never knew I could do. Becoming someone a child can go to at any given time and they believe that I would not o around and give out confidential information to anyone or talk about them in any kind of way other tan good to anyone outside of school. My favorite teacher in my years of school was my 9thh grade teacher, Mrs. Jordan. She would aggravate me, push me to the edge, get on my last nerve, but it all paid off in the long run. She always told me “If I didn’t see potential in you, I wouldn’t push you.” I never knew what she meant until the day I started going out into the schools when I was in the…

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