My Experience As A Middle School Student Essay

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Reading is the most important concept in any classroom. As a student, I have learned a great deal of information from researchers and educators about how to encourage and help middle grade students to enjoy reading and read better. My own experience as a middle school student has also taught me what will work with middle grade students and what will have a negative impact on middle grade students. There is an abundance of strategies on ways to help students become the best reader they can be. My English Language Arts class will be all about me encourage and motivating my students to read. In my future classroom, plan to give my students choices of books to read, take field trips to the library, and if possible have authors come speak to the class to encourage the students to read. To scaffold my students, I plan to utilize audio books, have a read-aloud and have shared readings, and to invite students to socialize around reading. Giving my students free choice on what to read will motivate the students and will not make reading a burden. I know as a student I did not enjoy reading what my teachers always picked for my class to read. Especially if the reading was from a text book. My experience with not being able to choose the book I wanted to read is the reason my students will be able to choose from different genres of books. However, the topics will all be related to the standard being taught in class. For example, if I was teaching in my English Language…

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