My Experience As A Government Policy Essay

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Reflecting on the three articles is an interesting thing because of the sense, facts and arguments that they all raised and pointed out. Going by the three articles, they are interrelated in one way or the other but with different views and position. I will start with the John Hopkins article. This article is great and the steps in which he presented to solve the classroom behavioural problem. However, it should be noted that resisting temptation and managing behaviour is not as easy as we think. The most difficult being to manage and understand are the human beings and the major category that is very tough to manage are the children (students). It requires high level of patient and skilful work on one`s temperament for any teacher to successfully scale through this stage when he is faced with this classroom temptation.
Reflecting on my experience as a Government policy subject teacher in one of the high school in my country home. I faced a lot of challenges trying to control my class and to some extent; I was able to marginalize the class by concentrating on those that are ready to learn and neglecting those that are not showing sign of seriousness and noise makers. One of the problems that I discovered was that, I was not able to apply full class management techniques because of the age bracket in my class in which I have different categories of students due to the northern educational system. I resulted in using lecturing method but I was not imparting on them because…

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