Essay about My Experience As A Classroom Teacher

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I feel that the lessons and experience that I received during my Internship I course was instrumental in my development as a classroom teacher. I will honestly say that when I was told that I would be interning in a fifth grade class, I was more than a little apprehensive due to the fact that I have been in mostly lower grades. I was under the impression that the fifth graders would be harder to manage. I believe that I was placed in the perfect class to allow for the most growth and understanding. Under Mr. Shealy’s guidance and coaching, my view on teaching has grown. During my first day in the classroom, I began to understand the importance of setting expectations and following through with accountability to hold students responsible for their actions. My coaching teacher spoke several times about his expectations of students and why they were important. During open house, he also relayed those expectations to the parents when he thoroughly covered how he expects his students to act. He also discussed what the daily routine would look like and allowed parents to ask any questions if they felt the need. He also made it a point to introduce himself to each student that attended and communicate how they were expected to behave in his classroom. I began to realize how important expectations are to students. Over the next several months, it became obvious why he stressed this issue so much. Students, especially at this age, need the structure of knowing what they are…

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