Essay My Dog, A Dog

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I still remember the fresh and clear day when Riley first came into our family. He was sprinting around the border of his new backyard and dashed into each room of his new home as he hunted for treats and toys to play with. But I also remember his last day before he passed away. He finished his final moments by walking around the border of his backyard, reflecting upon the joys and obstacles he faced through his life, and made his way through the house to each room, looking back upon the memories he made with his family and his “special girl.” My dog, Riley, lost his life to brain cancer. According to Riley’s file at Essington Road Animal Hospital, his weight was fluctuating at a range between 10.8 pounds and 9.6 pounds with great signs of pain and constant rest (Abou-Youssef). Furthermore, Doctor Abou-Youssef observed that Riley was experiencing a loss of fur and developed a “rat tail” appearance. This outcome was due to the fact that the tumor was pressing upon the adrenal gland which caused the hair loss (Abou-Youssef). Before this sickness invaded his brain, he was known as the “guard dog” of the house and had the mission of protecting me, his special girl. Riley would always spend his time by nuzzling next to me during the night, he would be my “protector” when I was sick or recovering from surgery, and even had the patience to play dress up. Riley was my best friend and will be missed dearly, but I know that he is in a place without any pain, suffering, and certainly…

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