My Dad And My Father Essay

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A father is someone who is supportive, helpful, caring, loving and a provider. Anything my little three sisters and me needed, he was right there to provide for us. Anything that we believe in, he was right there to support us. When we needed help learning how to ride a bike, he was right there teaching us. My father was a great dad and he was the best dad a girl can ask for. On July 29, 2013, he died and I was hurt, sad and shock.
My dad was a person who kept his problems to himself. If he was sad, hurt or sick we would have not known. In 2013, my dad came to Texas for my high school graduation. I was beyond excited to see my father. My father and mother were getting a divorce, so my mother decided to move to Texas to start a new life. When my father came down to Texas, he looked ill. He lost weight, his eyes had discoloration and his skin was a little pale. I asked my dad was he okay. His response was, “yes”. Then my father smile. After my graduation, my dad went back to Chicago. My three sisters also went back to Chicago for summer vacation. Three weeks later, my dad was in the hospital. I talked to him everyday at least three times a day. Then his stay in the hospital was getting longer. I ask my dad if he was okay and his response was he just had a cold and they were running tests on him. The next day, I call my dad but he did not answer his phone. I called his hospital room because it’s unusual for my dad not to pick up the phone. A nurse answer the phone and said…

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