Essay My Cousin As My Role Model

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The person who unconsciously taught me about my gender was my older cousin Joseph Rodriguez. I grew up without a father figure because my father was in the United States working to get us to come over with permanent residence. He would come over to visit us from time, but I mostly saw my older cousin as my role model. I was around three or four years old when I developed my identity of being a male and that it was not going to change. I grew up in a village and Joseph taught me how to fish, farm, play guitar, and hunt. He taught me the kind of things a father teaches his son. He taught me about being a male by allowing me to participate in everything that he would do with his friends. My cousin and his friends were about 16 years old and I was only 4 years old. He let me play soccer with him and his friends until sunset. He would also allow for me to join him and his friends when they went hunting on the mountains. Riding bikes around the village was another activity that he would let me join in that was predominantly for boys. One of the games that I enjoyed playing the most with them was shooting each other with a BB gun. We would make teams and who ever got shot was out the game until the next round began. They taught me that I shouldn’t cry when I used to get hurt playing with them because “boys did not cry”. I learned to be aggressive and tough by hanging out with the. They also taught me that boys did not play with girls. That’s when I realized that expectations…

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