My Christianity Experience From Birth Essay

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My Christianity experience began from birth. I was baptized and confirmed as a Catholic. I practiced that faith until God called my husband, who had been in Protestant ministry, to a higher position in his church. I switched to be the “Helpmeet” I felt God wanted me to be. There are many similarities in practices and beliefs in both faiths so it was not a hard transition.
The author of our text book begins the chapter on Christianity by saying “Christianity is basically a historical religion.” (Smith 317) I agree with this because what was recorded or written is how Christianity had derived most of teachings and practices. Some things must be written as proof before things happen, especially with the prophetical writings.
Jesus’ teachings were unique and fascinating to those who lived during His time. Jesus said things that had never been heard. Today, the teachings are as fascinating as they were during His time.
I believe the most important teaching of Christ is love. When He was asked which of the commandments of the law was the greatest, He responded Thou shalt love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. He then added that the second commandment, to love you neighbor like you love yourself, is like it because all the law and the prophets rest on it. I believe this is because God is the epitome of love and because of this “love covers a multitude of sins.” Love conquers a lot of tough, hard things in life. We are commanded to love one…

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