Essay My Brief Experience As A Consultant

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From my brief experience as a consultant, I developed a few insightful notes about what working as a peer mentor is and more specifically, working with students from an ESL class. The first being that preliminary expectations should be avoided at all costs. Having expectations about your writer before coming into the writing center is a set and makes it harder to reconnect with the writer. For me, I had been ready to address the global issues without first hearing the prompt from the writers and the writers’ understanding of it. Had I known that two of the writers didn’t want arguments in their essays beforehand, I would have better prepared myself to consult with them. And also, I wouldn’t haven’t been so focused on ESL markers for the reason that I would have other issues that I could have addressed. In the case of the three consultations, I didn’t mind revising line-by-line and doing editing, but I would have felt as if I accomplished something more by helping in other ways. Appropriation was definitely a hardship with the three consultations. In the ways in which to avoid appropriation, I found “address expressed needs” and “avoid misrepresenting the student’s language level on the page” to be the most helpful (Severino, 56, 59). Every consultation began with asking the writer why they had come to the center and what they hoped to get out of the consultation. Understanding that they were only there for mainly grammatical errors was the first step in understanding their…

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