Essay on Multitasking, What Good Can It Do?

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Multitasking, What Good Can It Do? Every day everyone carries their cellular phones around with them all the time. Some of them are on them so much you may say they are attached to our hands or maybe even a part of them. Now with how phones have become waterproof we can literally bring them everywhere, even in the shower. They have become like mini computers putting the internet at your fingertips no matter where you go. People are so attached to their devices that restaurants are starting to give discounts to patrons that give up their phone during their meal (Thrastardottir, 2014). So that begs the question, are we too dependent on technology and multitasking it with other things in our life? Is it even good for our well-being to be so attached to technology? I think this may be so. Being on the cell phone so much, along with the development of apps some of use try to multitask our phones all the time. From watching television and browsing the internet or other apps to showering and texting people. Some of us just can’t separate ourselves from our phones. With the advancement in cell phones some people are even required to carry a work cell phone at all times. In my case I have a personal cell phone and a work cell phone. It doesn’t happen to me often but some of my coworkers end up on both their phones trying to take care of work and personal stuff at the same time on both phones. This is a lot of multitasking for one person to do, I usually just silent my personal…

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