Essay on Multiple Teaching Styles Of Education

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Multiple Teaching Styles of CESL When people are talking about educational institutions, schools, and universities, “teaching styles” is a big section to understand or judge these communities. However, what are “teaching styles”? According to Paulo Freire, the teaching styles can be divided into “banking concept of education” and “problem-posing education” (72). Freire claimed that, the banking concept of education is which “students are the depositors and the teacher is the depositor”, it means students under this kind of education are very passive; and “ the scope of action allowed to the students extends only as far as receiving, filing, and storing the deposits” it shows that students just accept the knowledge which their teachers given to them (72). For example, teachers teach theory in class and students take notes and remember the theory. Students don’t ask questions and can’t doubt the authority of their teachers. In this kind of education, teachers and students are in necessary opposite position. Additionally, there is a lack of communication between students and teachers which might lead to many conflicts between students and teachers. For example, teachers are dominant in this kind of education, so students have to follow teachers’ ways of thinking. However, because of the different personal experiences and backgrounds, it’s hard for students to follow their teachers’ ideals and thinking. On the contrary, “problem-posing” education “responds to the…

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