Mr. G Is A Patient That Has Been Hospitalized For An Exacerbation Of Congestive Heart Failure

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Mr. G is a patient that has been hospitalized for an exacerbation of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) twice in the last two months. He is not complying with his medication regimen, dietary restrictions or doctor visits. Clients with CHF have potentially reversible causes including, a poor understanding of CHF, poor compliance with medication and diet, poorly controlled hypertension, inadequate discharge planning and follow up care (Palmer, Appleton and Rodrigues, p. 694). The patient will be provided with educational tools and support that will improve his health and reduce the probability of rehospitalization with an acute exacerbation. The transitional care nurse, home health nurse and the medical case manager would oversee his care coordination to help assure he can remain health and live safely in the community. Care coordination will be essential, so this paper explores the clients living situation, support and monitoring after discharge, care planning, service coordination and the plan to evaluate the patients progress toward maintaining health goals and avoiding hospital readmission.
Question #1- Key Issues

The patient’s ability to provide the self-care required to manage this condition should be assessed. Clients with CHF, “need to be able to manage his salt, fluid, and caloric intake; measure and document their weight; exercise regularly; take prescribed medications; and recognize when to call their health care provider” (Alspach, 2015, p.10). The client’s health…

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