Movie Analysis : The Movie, And Viewers Essay

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Critics of Bernie have struggled to classify the movie, and viewers would certainly attest to this statement. The movie is placed in the satire genre, but this does not seem necessarily complete. The film is well made and the level that it grips the watcher is almost disturbing. Although the film begins with an unusual opening of a jolly and flamboyant mortician conducting a procedure on a corpse for a guest lecture, Bernie morphs into a dark irony. As he prepares the dead for burial, he explains his ideology behind his work. He addresses and disclaims the frequent questioning of people asking him why he would ever wish to be a mortician. “Their souls are already with the Lord by the time I’m involved. It’s just my way to serve—to take care of [their funeral] and care for all their loved ones” (Shepherd Project). To sum up, Bernie states that he takes comfort in performing one last service to the deceased by giving their personage a respectful and beautiful viewing as their souls pass on. Located in Longview, Texas, this movie seems to accurately portray the characters of East Texas and to agree with the common view of the county. This production addresses some of the social issues, society and stereotypes, and perspective of East Texas.
Bernie proves to be a dark juxtaposition and singular comedy. Interestingly, the scriptwriters paint the protagonist Bernie in a twisted situation of both that of a victim and murderer. Simultaneously, the directors play on the viewers’…

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