Monster The Creation Of Our Wild Imaginations Essay

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Monster the Creation of our Wild Imaginations Are monsters a reflection of our fears or a way to escape the harsh truth about reality into the wild side of our minds? In today’s society monsters play a big role in our lives, we see monsters in movies, shows and stories that people tell us. Monsters are a reflection of our fears, the creativity of our minds and the believes of our cultures. Some of these monsters fascinate people because of their abilities and their way of living.
A monster is an unknown imagery animal, often described in cultures and mythological stories. In the middle ages Greeks had a tradition of using monsters as a way to represent the principles of the Christian doctrine. Monsters have many different meanings that are now seen different in today’s society. Such monsters as sphinx and griffons are now seen as dragons in today’s society and a big part in Japanese culture. But some of these monsters are considered more than just mythical creatures more of an evolution and mix between species such as the harpies and hags. According to Francesco Tonelli, Surgery Unit, Department of Clinical Physiopathology, explains monsters were more than mythical creatures they were considered as real natural phenomena (par.4). Such believes where use in cultures to represent gods and kings of their culture and race. In today’s society monsters have evolved far from that, monsters are now creatures such as werewolves, vampires and zombies creatures that people seem to…

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