Essay on Monarchy Vs. Self : Government, The Morality Of The Monarchy

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The period before the American Revolution was a contentious time between the English

colonies and the Motherland. Having been under the yoke of the English mainland for the last 120

years with little influence on the political process, rumblings about independence and self-

determination began to resonate throughout the land. The issue that was keeping people from

embracing it was loyalty to the crown, a dependence on the British government for supplies, and the

fact that at the time the British military was the most powerful on the planet. Eventually it became the

responsibility of individuals to help stoke the fires of revolution and help convince the common man

that the cause was a noble one. Starting with “Common Sense” and ending with “The Declaration of

Independence” there was a consistent theme of three main elements used to not only convince the

people, but to also justify their actions. These themes are: discussing the concept of Monarchy vs Self

Government, The morality of the Monarchy as written in The Bible vs the crimes of the current

government, and the language of both documents that is used to inspire the people. History Common Sense was a series a pamphlets that was written by Thomas Paine. A journalist by

trade, Paine was in the unique position to have a direct influence in the court…

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