Media Logging Exercises Help People Essay

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Media logging exercises help people see what type of media they use the most. They may question, “Am I watching too much television”? Yet, how would they know when it becomes too much television. High School and College students all have dived deep into the world of social media. Social Media usage can cut into a Netflix binge and television marathon watching times, but it isn’t a good jump to be made. However, outside activities such as sports or even going out for coffee with friends cutting into television time is a good thing, unlike switching one media for the other. Media can include television, social sites, internet, radio, magazines, and newspapers. What we read, see, and interact with can change how we interact with the rest of society. So how does one know when too much television, or media as a whole, is too much, or when is it good or bad? A study that was funded in part by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute found that participants watching three or more hours of television a day in their twenties tend to have lower cogitative functions later in life. Test, or check-ins, were conducted in five year intervals for twenty-five years. While they did conclude that three hours or more of television may be too much a day, they did get one non-negative result. Verbal memory was not altered by television watching, whether it be mild, moderate, or excessive. One the other hand, at the end of the twenty-five year period, those who did watch excessive amounts of…

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