Maya Angelou 's `` I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings `` And `` Still I Rise ``

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The civil rights movement was a time in history that made an impact on the people of America. It was an era when society was trying to make the segregation between black and whites , disappear. Maya Angelou grew up during this time period and went through the stress of having people discriminate on her because of her skin color. The civil rights movement made a personal influence on Maya Angelou’s poetry, as revealed in her poems , “ I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”, and ,” Still I Rise”. Growing up during the 1930’s was difficult for Maya Angelou because it was a time of discrimination and separation. Angelou was born in year 1928 , state of Missouri, and was later moved to live with her grandmother in Arkansas after her parents had split. At just the age of seven, she ,” experienced firsthand racial prejudices and discriminations”,(Biography Page One), in which left her feeling unwanted , and hated. Angelou lived as a mute until her later high school years because of her mother 's boyfriend raping her and leaving her uncle to kill him. Angelou believed that the tragedy was all her fault, and she could never forgive herself, (Biography). During the 1950’s the discrimination towards Maya Angelou got to it 's lowest point when she began a career in performing, (Biography). Angelou was very outgoing and successful in this field: she appeared on several off-broadway positions, and was an author of many plays. Maya also had a strong passion for a dance. While at the…

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