Marketing Plan For A Marketing Strategy Essay

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In 2015 McDonald’s introduced a campaign that they believed would expand on their original brand. The Create Your Taste campaign is essentially a selection of 38 ingredients that consumers are able to pick and choose from to build their ideal burger. (maccas) Aiming to appeal to the ever growing “healthy boutique burger” consumers, this campaign allows the customer to individually decide on their own ingredients, therefore as gourmet as the customer wishes. Create Your Taste, otherwise known as CYT boosted sales just when the brand was facing intense competition from other burger chains, pizza places and sushi stores. (theaustralian) The idea was a bold decision for the company but enabled the brand to “reinvent itself” with premium ingredients, a dine-in style approach and a small degree of customer interaction. The easy to use touch-screen kiosks allows an undisturbed decision making process, unpressured and already offers options of designed deluxe burgers. An important design element is the automatic tally of kilojoules as per each ingredient so that the customer is aware of what they are about to consume. ( What makes the service even more enticing is that all of the original favorites from the McDonald’s menu can still be purchased.

McDonald’s is and continues to be Australia’s dominant quick-service restaurant. (theAustralian) The brand has one of the strongest marketing schemes, ranked third in Global Marketing Brand Effectiveness and has a most…

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