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The report published by International Energy Agency(IEA) on Global EV outlook(April 2013) enlighten us with some vital information. Electric Vehicle(EV) sales have doubled from 45000 to 113000 units between 2011 and 2012. Though the world is experiencing financial meltdown,

Electric vehicle stock across world
(image courtesy: IEA Global EV Outlook April 2013)
EV market is seeing spurt in sales.

The Figure shows the distribution of
EV stock across the world. It is evident from the illustration that India contributes only 0.8% of total EV stock which is dismal when compared to USA(38%), Japan(24%) or even our neighbor China(6.2%).

Sudden rise in enthusiasm towards EVs is due to
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While vehicles with emissions between 20 & 50 g/km and between 50-60 g/km gets €5000 and €4500 respectively. Electric vehicles are exempted from company car tax and hybrids emitting less than 110 g/km are exempted from the same tax for the first two years of registration.

Electric vehicles are exempted from annual circulation tax for a period of ten years from the date of first registration.Providing financial support for R&D.

Electric and hybrid vehicles are exempted from registration tax.

Electric vehicles exempted from annual ownership tax for a time period of 5 years from the date of registration. After 5 years they benefit from a 75% reduction of tax rate applied to similar petrol vehicles.

Electric vehicles with co2 emissions less than 75g/km will receive a premium of £ 5000(maximum) or 25 % of the value of the car. These vehicles are exemptrd from circulation tax.


solar powered EV charging stations undergoing tests in Japan
Purchase subsidies are provided for vehicles up to RMB 60000. A whopping RMB 6.5 billion is alloted for demonstration projects.

Support to pay about half of the price gap between EV and conventional IC engined vehicles upto YEN 1million per vehicle.Support to pay half price of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) upto YEN 1.5 million per charger.


Though we are a little bit late, changes are

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