Major League Baseball Advanced Media Essay

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Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM) and the Yankee Entertainment Sports (YES) network have been know as two of the biggest media conglomerates in the world and continue to live up to it. They play roles in innovation and expanding what is digital media as it is today. Whether it is streaming content or providing fans statistics and box scores, MLBAM and the YES network have changed the way the world gets their sports.

MLBAM develops and manages digital space for not only Major League Baseball (MLB), but various other entities as well. MLBAM partners with HBO, ESPN and NHL, to name a few, to offer them avenues and platforms in a growing digital industry and provide their subscribers and viewers content that they want in the most advanced, technological way.

Bob Bowman, the Chief Executive Officer of MLBAM, brought the vision to life. After MLB owners decided to start the MLBAM in order to control the leagues digital operations, they brought in Bowman to utilize his experience in the digital space and help build up a new revenue source that would help the league 's competitive balance. With almost no digital media presence to start, Bowman launched a media group that would become the model of what a digital entity should be in what is a growing technological industry. There are new capabilities developing every day and MLBAM took advantage of it by being the first to take advantage of any opportunities they can.

One of the key moments in MLBAM 's recent history…

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