Essay on Mahatma Gandhi : A Hero

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Mahatma Gandhi is a hero because he not only helped attain India’s independence but also set the path for other countries to follow and gain independence. He was a leader both spiritually and politically. Furthermore, he was able to obtain India’s independence with non-violent practices. He was resolute and stood up for what he thought was right even if this meant he would be beaten or imprisoned. He saw poverty for what it truly was, violence. If a family was poor and continued to have children, it would affect the eventual generations. On a planet of finite resources, how is poverty seen? It’s the inequality and selfishness of other human beings which must be fought.
Gandhi was born on October 2nd, 1869 in Porbandar, India. In May 1883, he married at 13 to Kasturba Makhanji who was also 13 in an arranged marriage. They four kids by the time he was 18. He was fortunate to obtain a comprehensive education even though he proved to be an inferior student in his early years. In 1888 he went to Samaldas College to study law but he was not happy there. He only attended the school to follow his parent’s wishes and take the bar. But at around this time he was offered to attend the University of London to study law, and he accepted at just 18 years old.
Going to England exposed him to different religions and he discovered likable spirits. He persevered in the study of different religions such as Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Catholicism. After completing his studies at…

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