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How accurate is it to say that little progress was made towards Indian independence 1920-1930?

In the 1920s congress began to become more successful with its appeals and ideas towards Indian Independence. The relationship with Muslims and Hindus had worsened due to the leadership of Gandhi (Hindu) and Jinnah (Muslim) who were working to have a separate state between the Indian subcontinent. Also on behalf of the British Government, they were working hard to keep the Indian empire and its Raj in good shape but they weren’t accomplishing much as the Indian opinion was much with Gandhi now as he was one of the main leaders for change in India.

Gandhi had an idea which planted his concept of satyagraha which was to create a way to come
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However it was sort of unrealistic, as people didn’t want to leave their jobs like lawyers and parents didn’t want to take their children out of education. Others like causing machinery of the government to reach a halt, and refusing to pay taxes which would stop the government from functioning. Gandhi targeted administration and taxation areas as it was unlikely to achieve open conflict with the police. During the campaign demonstrations like boycotting exams, not paying taxes, shops were closed in 1921. However, many riots and lootings broke out, for example one in Bombay which resulted in 53 dead and hundreds injured. The campaign came to end after mob of congress supporters set fire on a police station in Chauri Chaura which led to Gandhi’s arrest as he was blamed for the violence of his mob, so he got 6 years of prison.

After the collapse of the campaign, congress began to grow as membership was increasing to roughly one million by 1921. Firstly by extending the appeal to greater geographical areas which gave others an opportunity to join congress. Also it began to accept those who were neglected. May new members were rich citizens but later poor peasants and railway workers. Gandhi’s rise to leader of congress in 1920 allowed him to organize the

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