Life Is Beautiful By Roberto Benigni Essay

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All Grown Up Two boys- only children- were unethically thrown into a situation where they must either become men or take their last nap . Elie Wiesel was only fifteen within his autobiography Night. Joshua on the other hand was a mere five years old in the film Life is Beautiful, which is directed by Roberto Benigni. Both of these stories were told as an adult reflecting on their perspective during their youth. Although there are numerous differences between the stories, their plots, conflicts, and character development can be comparable.
To begin, both of their plots and settings are solely based around their experiences as a Jewish person during the Holocaust. Night immediately brought light to the issues that are faced throughout the book.While Life is Beautiful spent quite a bit of time developing the characters and its background before the real problem. The introduction of Night introduces the main character, Eliezer. His hometown is Sighet, Transylvania. But following the round-up of foreign Jews, Elie and his family are taken to their first locations of the endless prisons, the ghettos. The family subsequently began their journey to the chambers. Elie’s story recounts the horrifying treatment throughout his life in concentration camps. Arriving in Auschwitz-Birkenau, Elie and his father are separated eternally from his mother and sisters at their first camp. Later, they were transferred to Buna, a camp that is another section of the Auschwitz camp. Ensuing this,…

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