Essay about Learning Theories Of Teaching And Coaching

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Unit 2 – Approaches to learning theories
Learning is the demonstration of knowledge of an action, which they did not know before” (Honey and Mumford. 1996)
Understanding teaching and coaching it is important to have knowledge regarding the different approaches in learning styles and how they can be applied in a sporting scenario, which enables coaches and athletes to maximize their potential. The definition of learning can be contextualized by two paradigms, which are humanism and behaviorism


This paradigm can be explained as “personal learning is an act to fulfill an individual’s potential” (Maslow. 1962) Humanism is an act of self-development and self-discovery, Huitt (2001) states that people act intentionally with values, meaning that humans have a behavioral response to any situation they are faced with. Carl Rodgers (1951) idea of humanism is based around self-development and worth, as testing methods are based on how learners or subjects react and develop as people in different situations.
In relation to sports coaching, humanism can be interpreted from the view of holistic coaching. The development of Maslow (1962) and Rodgers (1951) work has led to ‘Humanistic Coaching’ by Bennett Lombardo and creating the new subject focus of holism; whole person.
Holism can be interpreted as the response to six separate factors; physical, cognitive, psychological, social, spiritual and cultural (Jones and Turner. 2006). Studies by Jones and Turner; Maslow; Kidman…

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