Lady Audley 's Secret By Mary Braddon Essays

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In “Lady Audley’s Secret” by Mary Braddon the male problem of masculinity is defined by the actions of Robert Audley. For instances, the narrator states, “Robert Audley was..a fund of sly wit and quiet humour, under his listless dawdling, indifferent irresolution manner.” (71) Robert is not acting as a strong willed male patriarch. He is described as having quite humour showing softness to his character. By using the word “quite” seems to articulate a very inward drawn character. One that would be happy to follow friends not lead them. Thus, by his own character description Robert is not masculine in the formal sense. Robert doesn’t take action in the beginning of the book instead he is complacent while reading French Novels. For example Natalie Houstand writes, “Mr. Robert Audley comes down to Essex for the hunting season, with half-a-dozen French Novels, a case of cigars, and three pounds of Turkish tobacco.” (145) Thus, the male crisis is one in which a male, like Robert Audley, does not perform his patriarchal duties like Darcey. Taking action is one of the biggest signs of the male performance, yet Robert Audley seems to be actively excluding this performance instead partaking in sitting in a room and reading. Robert Audley’s gradual transformation into a patriarchal figure is resolved by his gradual shift. For instances, the narrator states, “He was in no humour even for his meerschaum consoler…” (182) Robert is showing the transformation from being someone who was…

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