Knowledge Of Nursing Sensitive Indicators Essay

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Knowledge of nursing sensitive indicators is very critical to a successful nursing career (Sauls, 2013). These indicators create a framework, and has the most effects of nursing practice and patient care. The deployment of care is displayed by the caliber of nursing staff, the skill set and training of the staff. Events that are determined to be nursing sensitive have greatly altered nursing care (Montalvo, 2007). Many aspects displayed with Mr. J indicators could have aided the nurses in preventing occurrences that affect patient care and safety. A clear example is the utilization of restraints in patients that are in the geriatric population, or have altered mental status caused by medication or cognitive deficiency. Mr. J has a mild case of dementia; plus, receiving medication for pain, which caused him to be very sluggish. Restraints were put on his wrists for the protection of self and staff. The staff should have employed indicators to watch this patient more closely and try other methods before using restraints. The staff should have monitored Mr. J more diligently by moving him closer to the nursing station and even turning him often to evade skin breakdown. They should have check his position in bed and could have applied pillows or wedges to lessen friction. When the patient’s daughter conformed the redness the nurse should have been called to do an assessment. The nurse’s aide does not have the assessment skills to grasp that the redness is a problem…

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