Knowledge Management at Accenture Essay

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Accenture is a well-known global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. It was consolidated 47 country partnerships into one corporation and its headquarters in Bermuda. Accenture still remained profitable even during the period of the financial crisis between 2002 and 2003. Accenture had developed a new strategy which focusing on outsourcing and its organizational structure gradually evolved in early 2005, which includes five operating groups, 18 industry groups and eight capability groups. There are several changes of personnel at Accenture. In 2004, Bill Green took office as CEO, the Accenture’s primary decision-maker and policy maker of Accenture. Tom Barfield began to work on the learning and
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It allows each business unit has their own independent database, and they are responsible for managing and updating content and information. Thus, it leads to many same documents stored in the various databases, and inefficient search process for users to find out required documentation and content.
Another cause would be the changes in content environment. Tens of thousands of new knowledge and information grew increasingly and this lead to the content proliferation within industry. Thus, Accenture is facing the difficulty of effective information storage, which worsens the situation further.
Secondary Issues
As we mentioned before, Accenture implement Lotus Notes as their current knowledge management technology. In 2002, Accenture encountered a financial crisis, which causes a significant budget pressure on Accenture’s training and knowledge management team. Thus, they have to reduce cost by cutting the training budgets and moving the knowledge management function “offshore”. In the meanwhile, several senior employees were laid off, which means that Accenture is losing their critical human resources.
The adjustment of personnel also lead to a problem of role confusion, which means no one really knows who is responsible for managing the content of specific material. Although Barfield had developed governance structure in order to solve this problem, but the responsibility for the documents was still not clearly defined. Furthermore, Accenture’s

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