Kill A Mocking Bird By Harper Lee Essay

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In Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mocking Bird, a novel, 1960, racism in Maycomb Alabama is a very common occurring theme. Many people and families are affected by the way racism is used throughout the book and towards one another. Tom Robinson is a poor black man who dedicates all of his time into working and racism towards him changed his life. Although this theme was more popular in the time period of the 1900’s it is still a very big issue to this day. Some cases are brought to the extreme and are extraordinarily out of hand. The Finches’ are one of the few families in Maycomb who consider racism to be an issue and treat everyone with the same respect. Atticus Finch has a huge role in this story to not only defend his client but also defend racism and take harsh comments from other people such as “Nigger Lover”. It takes his children a while to understand it, but towards the end they have a good idea of racism and take it into consideration towards the end of the novel. First, racism is used commonly throughout the story in racial sayings, Maycomb’s ways, public events, and many actions of people. Atticus Finches’ kids, Scout and Jem, are exposed to racism every day and in their daily lives they start getting used to racial comments. Scout is an innocent girl who says, “Jem, I ain’t ever heard of a nigger snowman.” Scout does not use this term to offend others, she is so sued to hearing it all around that she thinks it is the right term to use to describe people of color.…

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