Kate Chopin 's The Story Of An Hour And Storm Essay

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Earlier this semester I wrote a paper about a couple of stories by the late 1800’s writer Kate Chopin. I reviewed some of her short stories and came to a conclusion that most of them had some sort of morality error in them. This left me wondering why Chopin liked writing about this subject, and why it happened multiple times during her lifetime. During the research it was discovered that Kate Chopin had a very normal life. No cases of depleted morality, just a normal lady whose husband died and left her with six hungry kids. So this leaves the question, why DID Kate Chopin choose to write in this way? Maybe she was having these thoughts in her head with no way of living them out, which lead to her living out these “fantasies” through her writing. In class this semester we read two of Kate Chopin’s short stories, “The Story of an Hour”, and “Storm”. To be honest I wasn’t really looking forward to reading these stories because I find that some writers’ styles from back when she was living are quite boring. After reading the first one, “Storm”, I became intrigued with what Kate was portraying in this story. It was like she wanted someone to question her morality, which I did! This story left me wondering what is wrong with this women! “Storm” is basically about a women named Calixta, she is stuck in the storm home alone one day when a man named Alcee asked if he could stay there for a while until the storm passed. She feels like she is wasting her time in her marriage but…

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